Saturday 1 October 2016

For The Love of Smoke... Manchester Smokehouse and Celler

Its not often that I put pen to paper but this is one of those times... If you haven't visited Manchester Smoke House it's time to make amends...  Manchester Chef and more recently BBQ Pit Master Jason Latham @jason78mcr can be found practicing his craft when he isn't at one of the competitions like Grill Stock

As a completely ruined foodie I keep an eye on the new Manchester openings but it's usually same old same old... One chain follows another and at some point half of them are sure to leave the same way they came when they realise that in Manchester we really do things differently...

It's the plucky independents that you want to watch... Everyone loves a BBQ but you so often get the usual BBQ sauce that just doesn't do it for me, you really can't cut it with ready made stuff from Bookers and other generic food service providers out there...

BBQ Pit Master Jason Latham with a signature Burger

Jacob's Ladder

On my first visit to Manchester Smoke House I had melt in your mouth short ribs and the yummiest pit beans I have ever tasted!  The ribs just melted my taste buds but were not overpowered by the sauce and glazes, they complemented each other so well... The texture was amazing it was a pure foodgasm. Don't get me wrong the ribs at Reds True BBQ are ok but this is a completely different ball game... The ribs came with skin on crispy fry's that were not over seasoned, there are so many different sauces and seasonings you can put on the top if you want it... The selection of pickles and a divine pot of meat liquor finished it off perfectly...

BBQ Short Ribs and Pit Beans

Everything is cooked or smoked on live fire using seasoned hardwood logs or charcoal... Apart from the chip fryer and fridges there is no electricity or gas in sight... I don't know of anybody outside London doing that but will stand corrected...  That being said they make up for the lack of electricity with amazing lights... some of which come from German WW2 Bunkers

Burger Love 

I had to go back again to make sure I wasnt dreaming and had a cheeky burger in between doing other stuff, it was a bit of a smash and grab but the things that really stood out were the lack of the usual mess that chefs think should be on a burger... (no bib required) I opted for a second patty on the side but it really didn't need it my eyes were bigger than my belly for sure that day...


I don't know who taught most chefs at the usual burger joints but DO they all have to put lashings of French's America Mustard on everything? Is it my age? but if you need a bib it's not for me...

Perfection in a Bun

This burger was a refreshing change,  the patty was cooked to perfection, the meat was way above average, had great texture and had the the burn marks that are a signature of live fire cooking and it really showed in the taste... The Brioche Bun tasted good but was not overpowering, it held well and did not disintegrate in my hands as so often happens with burgers.  It takes a lot of beating you would have to go a long way to equal it but my moneys on the Ribs and Burnt ends...

Amazing live Fire Burger...

I didn't try this Deep Fried Onion but it looked amazing  
Deep Fried Onion
I have to slowly work myself down the menu but you should never have too much of a good thing so it may take a while...

I forgot to mention the amazing beer selection and tank beer not to mention bubbles on tap but that's for another time...

I Will Be Back...

Sunday 4 May 2014

Reds True BBQ #Manchester's answer to finger lickin heaven

There are loads of blogs on"Reds" to me it's a fun place and was a firm hit with @TheRealSueLee which is high praise

It's all about the love of the grill

You can't go to "Reds" without admiring the grill, the friendly Pit Master let me into his cage and set those flames burning...  The Underground Theme of the Restaurant reminded Sue of her visit to New York, This is Americana at its best. Theres echo's of  cage a fighting ring in some of the decor but the only fight I had at Reds was with those juicy Beef Long Ribs.

The Wait...  We didn't book and had a one and a half hour wait, (it was 19:30 on a bank holiday Sunday night) the friendly helpful receptionist(s) gave us a fast entry slip with our expected time and we mooched off and wondered if waiting was a mistake.  Reds phoned us ten minutes before our expected time and we walked strait back in to our table.  They were honest about the wait which in my experience is often lacking, you really can't ask for more...

A note on the service cause when Reds first opened it was truly hammered and not all the feedback was complimentary, they have been open for a couple of months so the dust should have settled and I can only tell you how we found it.  

We sat down and the service was fast and pleasant.  As always i'm as cheeky as they come and had already asked the Pit Master what was the best today....  We ordered and the experience was spot on, as promised the food came quickly.  Our server was helpful, fun and could sell sand to anyone without seeming even slightly pushy.  

The tray of food looks deceptively normal BUT its' just not... 

The trough lol and I can tell you it was better by far than it looks
Sue had Giant Onion Rings, it's not what I would go for but they were surprisingly good. The #BeefJerky was much as was expected cause I snaffled some @BeatStreetsmcr on one of Reds #FridayFoodFight events.

We were GUTTED cause the pork crackling was sold out but its not as if I need an excuse, another visit is defo on the cards ;-)  

#BadBoy Jumbo Finger Lickin Wings... Where did they disappear to?

Jumbo BBQ Chicken Wings... The eyes say it all!
Sue had a very large pile of Jumbo BBQ Chicken Wings and whilst they are not my favourite cause theres a shade too much vinegar in the BBQ marinade for my taste they were still way better than average and @TheRealSueLee of #SpringRoll fame just loved them...  I have never seen wings as big as these juicy #BadBoys!

The Star just had to be... BBQ Beef Long Ribs

Semi devoured beef long ribs...

I had "two" Beef Long Ribs as recommended by the BBQ Pit Master and they were just so wrong! thick juicy succulent and unbelievably yummy.  I was in seventh heaven and didn't want the BBQ Lovin to ever end... There was a lot of lovely beef for your money and it won't be long before i'm back for those dangerously good ribs...  

A notable mention has to go to the BBQ Pit Beans as recommended by Manchester's very own BBQ Chef Jason Latham @jason78mcr The BBQ Pit Beans were spot on!  And I'm gonna sneak back for Jason's other favourite of Cheese Burger with a single patty n beef brisket. 


I only ever see bones if @therealsuelee is anywhere in sight lol

If you fancy some BBQ Lovin and enjoy a fun kinda place that won't break the bank "Reds" has to be on your list even the music was good...

Monday 14 October 2013

Brackman’s a Life Long Family Affair with Baking

The Bakery at the heart of the Broughton Park Community for over 80 Years

Busy Staff in the Bakery
Brackman’s... The Kosher Bakery / Patisserie with an outstanding Coffee Shop.  I was invited there for brunch on a Sunday by foodie friends I met on my personal Twitter account @GreedyGuzzler  I couldn't resist a second visit and just had to share it with you.  

For me Brackman’s is a friendly family affair with three generations working in a very successful bakery business.  It’s not hard to see why its so successful, it really is always busy, a good sign is the local Jewish community clearly loves Brackman’s, its so inviting and friendly and full of happy cake eating customers from all age groups. Maytal the Pastry Chef said “I really enjoy my work”.

In my opinion “the food and service is exceptional”,  Families come to eat and spend time there.  The strap-line on the web site is “I will meet you at Brackman’s”, so often the perception of the owners in a business is not mirrored by the customers actual experience but this is a very different story.

Everything is Vegetarian

The bakery is Kosher and could be missing a trick because everything including the cheese is vegetarian, absolutely no meat products are used but it doesn't detract from the quality of the exquisite wares on sale.  There is no obvious promotion of the vegetarian nature of the products on sale. Soya products are used to great effect, and they don’t even mention it...  A significant allergy is well catered for they do quite a few Gluten Free products for customers who have Celica (Gluten Intolerance) 

Three Generations at the heart of a family bakery,  The History...

My dad worked at Brackman’s bakery for absolutely yonks eventually Mr. Brackman was coming up for retirement and Dad raised the cash to buy the business, it’s a very different affair today but still has the core values and principles associated with a Kosher Bakery / Patisserie with over 80 years trading and a fantastic following in the local Broughton Park Community.

Changing of the Guard

The year was 1964 a mere 49 years ago when dad took over the business.  He kept the original Brackman’s name because it was established and well respected. Dad was working on the oven “the hardest job” for 40 years, he’s an affable strait talking sort of chap and you always know where you stand.  Towards dads retirement he was working about three days a week

Dad retired at age 60 “he was always saying he would retire but I never believed him and one day he just didn't come in!”  I phoned him and asked why had he not come into work, it was most unusual he was an institution. He said “I told you I would retire”, he wasn't joking he's 75 now...  My mum Estelle and my dad Sid may be in retirement, mum however can still be seen serving and running the shop, dad still pops in, looks over the business and covers when the Baker Andrew is on holiday.  He puts his valuable experience to good use, and isn't shy when some advise may be needed ;-)  My Sister Sue used to work in the shop.  Andrew joked “she started when she was 14 as soon as she could reach the till lol” Sue’s daughter now works here too.  It’s a great family tradition.

Bringing in the next generation

Andrew Addleman the Baker / Proprietor  came into the business at the age of 16 straight from school.  “I mostly learnt from my dad”, “I always wanted to come into the bakery business” as in many family businesses I worked in the Bakery when I could and was so enthusiastic to start. In the early days I had envisaged working in other businesses too get a rounded experience.  It didn’t turn out like that! I have never even had time to look back, it’s hard work but it is what I wanted to do and what I love. You only have to look at the pleasure on the customers faces, what more could you want from your work?

Andrew has worked full time in the business for about twenty four years and took over from his dad in fifteen years ago.  There were three years at Salford Tec Training as a Bread, Cake and Pastry Chef, two days on day release and one evening, a week.  “Cake decorating is a skill on it’s own, I prefer to work in the Bread and Pastry side of the business”.   The years have just flown past, there are four bakers in the kitchen and when one of them and Maytal the Pastry Chef was on leave we really felt it.

Loyal Customers... “Not Just a Coffee Shop”

About a decade ago the opportunity came to take on the adjacent shop and we expanded to include an 80 cover Coffee Shop / Patisserie, a testament to its success is how busy it gets every day of the week. 

Sue enjoying a welcome break in the Coffee Shop, Customers seem to come in waves...
Gita breezed into the coffee shop full of the joys, she described herself as a sitting tenant and seemed to know everyone, 40 years as a customer hardly missed a day.  Gita is Celiac / Gluten intolerant, “I find it easy to eat something loverly that is safe for me” They take good care of me....

Sue and long standing customer Gita
The Bagels are as good as you can get, on my first visit I tried three different ones including the excellent Pickled Herrings.  My firm favorite is Salmon and ultra fresh Cream Cheese, so simple and absolutely divine... Everything that practically can be is made in the kitchen and it shows!

Tasty Cream Cheese and Salmon Bagel
Sue had a salad that included Smoked Salmon, it looked delicious and healthy, a rare combination.  The attention to detail was more akin to fine dining with realistic wholesome portions.

Healthy Salmon Salad
Delicious Eclair with Divine Cream 
The cheese cake really was exceptional, they call it cheese slab. its kind of New York style, and is old traditional recipe and not to be missed!  I have fond memories of the Blueberry Cheese Cake but even I couldn't fit it in.  I’m notoriously fussy when it comes to coffee and I wasn’t disappointed.  Another visit has to be arranged, I have hardly scratched the surface.

New York Cheese Cake and Latte

In the Heart of the Community

We were lucky to meet an enthusiastic agreeable chap doing voluntary Fund Raising work for The Little Hulton Branch of St Ann’s hospice.  He was picking up a loverly selection of refreshments from Andrew for the latest fund raising event and keen to tell us about the Fund Raising voluntary work he does with his wife.  He couldn't say how much is needed because there is always something new to fund raise for.  All the funds for the current effort were exclusively to provide an over night facility for relatives to stay with their loved ones.  Sadly I didn't catch his name.

Baker Andrew with St. Anne's Hospice Volunteer

St. Anns Hospice Fundraising Nibbles

The all Important Kitchen

The kitchen is steeped in history, the most notable feature is an inspiring original Oven. The oven was converted from coke to oil fired some time ago, no doubt before the oil crisis in the 70’s.  It is an original feature and was there long before dad took the business over in 1964.  When the oven is open the size of it is stunning!

Original Coke Fired Oven, Converted to Oil in the distant past...

Cavenouse Oven and there are two!

The original rack to cool the baking when it leaves the ovens is still in use today, the ancient boiler to the side was historically used to steam the bread but is now surplus to requirements, it would be sad to remove such a fabulous feature.

Bagels cooling next to the original oven

The bread mixer takes four bags of flour, it might look like a large Coffee Shop with a yummy Patisserie but Brackman’s is quite a significant operation. Outside catering including weddings and wholesale supply of their delicious bread and pastry products all takes place in the labyrinth of a kitchen.

Happy Cookies 
On the stove there was a divine pan of chocolate. Something I was unaware of is the production of raisin water, used in the bread.  Raisin water allows for shorter prayers at meal times.  Bread is symbolic as the most important staple food in the Jewish Culture and  long prayers are required without sweetening with raisin water. This effectively reclassifies the bread as cake allowing for a shorter blessing.

Raisin Water
Stunningly well presented platted bread “Challah”, or “egg bread” can perhaps be compared with brioche, its so pretty and in my book has more substance to it.  Challah is one of Brackman's specialties and has to be tried.  The YouTube video demonstrating how it is made is well worth a watch.

Traditional Challah Bread
Link to youtube for mobile devices;

Some of the Key Kitchen Staff

Maytal is a Cake and Pastry Chef “I have enjoyed working at Brackman’s for eight years” I previously worked in the holiday town of Elat in Israel at the Royal Beach Hotel and the Princess Hotel as pastry chef.  The ratings of both hotels on Google speak for themselves.  “It was extremely hard work and Über long hours with 16 hours sometimes being typical”.  It wasn't just hotel work, we would do the catering for weddings and it wasn't unusual to deliver the cakes at 12 midnight as it was just too hot before then.  I enjoyed my time and gained valuable experience but believe it or not we may be busy but Brackman’s Coffee Shop but its much calmer.  “I really enjoy my work”.  It show’s in the quality and presentation.  In both my visits I have never seen a long face.  

Maytal The Happy Pastry Chef
Maytal showed me fresh cream gateau with three delicious layers. It’s one of our special sought after cakes, “they just don't sell anything like them in supermarkets”.  Even Asians come for the fresh cream cakes which is a testament to their exceptional quality.  Maytal was pleasant and enthusiastic and spoke at length about her work and the different personalities of the kitchen ovens.  When she showed me pictures of her cakes on Instagram it just made me want to eat them...

And if it's Cake You're Looking For...

Lovely Cup Cakes...

+Manchester United  Cake How could you eat it....

Yummy Fresh Cream Triple Layered Gateau 

Pretty Cup Cakes  Don't you just want to pick one up...

The end of a pleasant visit but it defo wont be the last

Andrew intimated that he love’s the bakery business.  All work hard to make it a special experience but there life outside the bakery business. I don’t have much time but I can sometimes be found in the comedy club, I really enjoy it and would love to go more.  Andrew was joined by his children and wife. Family is what Brackman’s is about....

How To I Find Out More?

Phone: 01617921652

Twitter: @Brackmansbakery 

The All Important Address;

43-45 Leicester Road
M7 4AS

Google Maps; Google Maps

Saturday 5 October 2013

M&M Caribbean Spice, 16 years of spicing up peoples lives...

M&M Caribbean Spice, 16 years of spicing up peoples lives...

Mike and Kisha

Why It All Started:

I asked the Proprietor / Chef Mike why he set up his own specialist Caribbean Restaurant?...  "I'm a Passionate chef and wanted to do my own thing. I was grateful for the experience gained prior to opening my own Specialist Restaurant.  I opened M&M 16 years ago, it was almost a lifelong ambition, my creative side was awakened but stifled whilst working for other companies, you just have to break out and go it alone to fulfill your ambitions, it was well worth the risk”.  

Early Ambitions:

“I was talking about going it alone from my 19th birthday. I was lucky to gain experience working at the Lord Mayor's Kitchen as Sous Chef and City Art Gallery as Chef and Assistant a Manager. Whilst at my first job I accomplished City & Guild 1,2, & 3 at Salford Tec. It was an important classical grounding helped me accomplish my current standards”. 

Brushing Shoulders with Local Celebrates:

I worked at Oscar’s owned by George Best. There was a friendly relationship with George and Gordon Hill together with many +Manchester United players there was Savill’s Club Bar & Restaurant on the upper floors.  I often served Sirloin Steak sandwiches cooked on a classic charcoal grill. It was great fun There was also a disco in the cellar called "Bucks Fizz". I met George Best several times in the later years he claimed to remember me but alas I wondered... George was a great guy his friends and fellow football players called him best(y). 

A sneaky picture of Kisha

The Team:

The team is unashamedly Caribbean unlike some establishments of many food genres threw-out the City of Manchester that are called "Italian" "Spanish" or even "Japanese", often only their names have any resemblance to their national dishes and with rare exception it sadly shows.  Mike the M&M Chef is classically trained with over twenty years proven experience and his mother's influence and Jamaican Roots.  Kisha who also cooks, is passionate about her role in the business and so friendly an helpful with the customers.   A key difference to dining at M&M's is being served by the Chef and enjoying chatting about the food.

A great example of Jamaican fare is Zingy Root Ginger flavored Carrot Juice naturally with a compulsory slug of rum. Its proudly called "Boult Juice" after perhaps the best sprinter the world has ever seen.

An example of work in the local community is Mikes Well received  Monday morning Breakfast Radio Show "Inner City Sounds" on Manchester's Peace FM 90.1

Ocean Perch (AKA Headless Red) being prepared in the kitchen and is typical of the type of food you will find at M&M.

Ocean Perch AKA Headless Red

Mike with his Pea Soup

To Begin:

For starters had gently spiced and flavorsome  Pea Soup with beef, dumpling, sweet potato, yam, butter beans, kidney beans, scotch Bonet Chillies, Thyme and secret spices An outstanding dish and a large portion really is a meal on its own

Pea Soup (starter)

Followed by: 

The best ever! Oxtail Stew and healthy Steamed Veg A firm favorite, It of course comes on the bone which is essential for flavor and par for the course with this tasty filling dish.  Butter beans and a host of other ingredients make an awesome stew with stunning gravy.

Oxtail Stew & Steamed Veg

Just Desserts:

I was truly full and couldn't justify a desert but was so tempted...  The Classic Sponge Cakes with the chefs signature twist served with naughty rum laced cream or extra creamy custard were given a miss on this visit in preparation for the Christmas Feasting season.  Tempting cakes of the highest quality are a speciality at M&M.  “Sponge Cake is made to  my own secret recipe, maybe I could be described as an all rounder but I have a passion for cakes and pastry.  I think this is one of the things that sets me apart from the competition”.

Daily Specials Board

Classic Jamaican Fare:

Jamaican Classic Dishes like Salt Fish & Ackee, Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas and Callaloo are well represented but this is no run of the mill place and Defo not fast food.  You might have to wait a little while but thats because its freshly made.  The tempo is relaxed and friendly.  The pricing is perhaps slightly higher than some Caribbean places but its eat in and the food hygiene standards are impeccable with a five rating on the door.  Take away and outside catering is provided for but this is no takeaway and deserves a visit. The kitchen is almost open and if you stand at the bar you can watch the team cooking and having a laugh which shows confidence.  

You can follow my culinary travels on twitter @GreedyGuzzler you just have to visit M&M Caribbean Spice it's a Hidden Gem and easily the best place of its kind in Manchester. The Chef is classically trained and passionate about the quality of your gastronomic experience.

Where Is It:


Google Maps;  Google Maps Link

The Address;  127 Stamford Street, Old Trafford,  M16 9LT
Phone Number;  0161 226 6067

Web Site;  M&M Web Site Link

Links and Tings:

Manchester Confidential;  Manchester Confidential Link

Yelp;  Yelp Link

Onion Ring;  Onion Ring Link 

Trip Advisor;  Trip Advisor Link

Google Reviews;  Google Review Link

Sunday 29 September 2013

WELCOME TO WENDY’S HOUSE! Vegetarian Supper Club's in Manchester


Experience a private supper club of exquisite vegetarian food – courtesy of vegetarian master chef, Wendy Swetnam

What does it take to be an accomplished vegetarian chef whose food can stand out in a world dominated by male celebrity chefs – especially those with huge egos and a strong leaning towards carnivorous offerings?  Read on and you’ll find out about one of Manchester’s superb small giants of cuisine, whose skills and capabilities could topple many a Goliath of celebrity carnivore cooking!

Wendy Swetnam has a growing niche business running extremely popular sell-out supper clubs in the Manchester area and also supplying bespoke vegetarian and vegan catering services and private functions – all founded on a passion for vegetarian food that she has enjoyed since early childhood, when she decided to become a vegetarian!

A childhood ambition realized

“I knew I wanted to be a chef when I was ten years old,” says Wendy. “So when I was in my early teens, I wrote to the Vegetarian Society to ask about vegetarian specific cookery courses. They recommended the Cordon Vert Diploma, taught at the Vegetarian Society HQ and cookery school in Altrincham and also an organisation called Ploughshares in Glastonbury, who ran one-to-one special diet cuisine modules covering subjects such as sauces and dressings, vegetarian Christmas food and how to make fresh tofu.” Having gained experience and qualifications in vegetarian cooking, Wendy found work experience at the Salamander vegan restaurant in Nottingham. She became Kitchen Manager of Nottingham’s vegetarian Alley Café Bar when she was just 19, and worked for one of Manchester’s early pioneer whole-food deli restaurants, The 8th Day.

Learning in Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba

Other invaluable sources of cooking experience resulted from a three-month trip through Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba. “I did a Mexican cookery course in Oaxaca, Mexico,” recalls Wendy.  “We went to a market to buy herbs, chillies and other great local ingredients, and then we made fresh tortillas, ‘Mole’ and Salsa. We also cooked cactus, which you can use like a green bean, finely sliced and used in stews. It was fascinating to use such an unusual ingredient. We ate street food all the time because we were on a budget – and actually, street food was really memorable - and far nicer than food we ate in restaurants.” 

Experience at a top London veggie venue

“I wanted to learn about drinks as well as food, so I took a job at the Living Room  ” says Wendy, “I worked in the cocktail bar, where I learned to mix classic and contempory cocktails and match wine with food. I also worked at Vanilla Black  in London, which is one of only two vegetarian restaurants in the UK to be recommended in the Michelin Guide. The cuisine is refreshingly different and very interesting, modern and experimental, but with a firm grounding in classics.” Wendy ran the mains section, cooking amongst other plates, the Vanilla Black Signature dish – double-baked Ribblesdale cheese pudding with smoked potato croquet, pineapple pickle and poached duck egg. 

Working in Denmark

“Working as a Stagier at Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark  was absolutely mid blowing,” says Wendy. “Noma is not a vegetarian restaurant but is renowned for it’s high regard for vegetables and herbs, has two Michelin Stars and in 2012 was voted (for the third year running) as the very best of the world’s best 50 restaurants. I did two months as a Stagier at Noma, which has an experimental development kitchen and is renowned for foraging and exquisite local culinary produce. Some of the best chefs in the world spend time at Noma as Stagiers in order to learn from other great chefs and I was very lucky to gain invaluable experience there.” Wendy then became Head Chef at 1847, which is a celebrated vegetarian restaurant in Manchester. “When I started as Head Chef at 1847, I worked with the owner to change the business from a coffee shop and deli in to a vegetarian restaurant” she remembers. “After little more than a year we opened a second branch in Chorlton. I left 1847 after two years of running the kitchen and devising the menus – and then, after Christmas 2012, I set up my own vegetarian catering company.”

Loving the social side of cooking

Wendy has handled festival catering and really loves meeting the customers: “When I was working at Noma, it was a great feature of the restaurant that the chefs served the customers personally, and had the chance to meet and talk to them. Doing catering and supper clubs is a natural extension of that social aspect of cooking.” Wendy’s supper club, ‘Wendy’s House’ includes Friday and Saturday night 4 course feasts and a regular Monday night Mexican street food affair drawing on her culinary experiences in Mexico. “Supper Clubs have been happening all over the world for years and are now taking off in the UK,” says Wendy,” and for me, they’re the most memorable and enjoyable dining-out experiences.  Quite a few of my guests have been Twitter users who invited their friends to my ‘Mexico Monday’ night at my supper club.” Other supper club guests met at The Hungry Gecko  in nearby Chorlton where they talked about Wendy’s fabled Gin & Tonic cake that she had invented whilst Head Chef at 1847!

An inspired Supper Club Menu

Here’s an example of what Wendy recently served up at one of her amazingly successful supper clubs:
  • Welcome drink - Hibiscus Fizz (hibiscus flowers in agave syrup topped up with sparkling wine) 
  • Nibbles - totopos (corn tortilla chips) with guacamole, salsa, sour cream – simple, refreshing and flavorsome.
  • Refreshment - cucumber and  jalapeño  agua fresca and hibiscus agua fresca (fresh water) – perfect with Mexican cuisine.
  • Starter - blue corn tostada with broad-bean and feta - simple and really delicious, with big, bold flavours.
  • Main - molletes (refried beans and cheese on toast), mushroom quesadillas, green rice, esquites (sweetcorn broth flavored with the Mexican herb epazote), black beans and tomato and pineapple salad.  A deceptively simple, but quite outstanding dish.
  • Dessert - mango in tequila, agave and chili syrup with cashew praline ice cream - outstanding, and a vegan alternative prepared for another guest was equally stunning.  
  • To finish - Mexican hot chocolate.  A fine palate cleanser and a perfect way to end the meal   

You’ll find the food and the social side of Wendy’s Mexican Supper Club to be memorable and full of stunning taste experiences – and there really is no better way of spending a Monday evening! Wendy’s guests are always friendly, warm and entertaining – so this genre of eating out truly deserves serious consideration. The author of this article has tried several notable amateur supper club chefs - but, in his opinion, to have experienced such an experienced vegetarian chef in such an intimate setting has taken the supper club concept to an entirely new and exciting level – and whilst it’s great to go with a group of friends, it’s probably even more fun to go on your own!

you can follow Wendy on Twitter; @WendySwetnam 
Facebook;  or the regularly updated internet site:

It was a pleasure to dine at Wendy's and I have enjoyed posting this review:  I have been back a few times, and highly reccomend a visit: You can follow my Twitter feed; @GreedyGuzzler Food is my passion and it is all about the beautiful people you meet on the journey:  John Perry